Hey there and welcome !

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Thank you for your interest in Paint The Town

It's been picking up steam and classes are popping up all over the city!

Who the heck am I?

I have almost 20 years experience teaching art

not only all over the fine city of Ottawa, but all over the world. 

Whether I'm teaching in Mexico, Greece, France or in a neighbourhood pub,

my goal is to openly share my trade secrets and bring art to the people!  

Paint the Town, is not a franchise or  "Big American" corporation. I founded Paint The Town in 2013, a concept that was introduced to me by a complete stranger in a neighbouring seat on a plane many years ago! I loved the idea about making art more accessible - even to those who have never held a paint brush before. Experiencing the joy of making art connects us more deeply to the world around us, giving us a new lens on life. 

Why is it so darn fun?

It's really healthy to learn new things... and if you can bring more colour

and dimension to your life, well, all the better for it!

It's also incredibly healthy to laugh a little while you do it. Art makes us giggle because we are bound to make a few boo boos along the way and when you're with like minded folks who aren't taking themselves too seriously, you're in good company.

The goal here is to unleash your INNER CHILD!

 The classes are casual, fun and light but make no mistake, the teaching is real and you will come away with new skills - no matter what your level is. What sets Paint The Town apart, is the simple, thoughtful, step by step lessons and smaller group sizes.

Keepin' it simple:

To minimize costs and maximize fun, I supply all of the materials. that way you get to try out a new skill or medium with very little investment. Classes are held over a 2-3 hour session, complete with plenty of mingling and sharing time!

So thank YOU for supporting local :)