Want to host your own Party

or Corporate Event?


  • I will come to you!
  • My rate for 2.5 - 3 hr workshops is $55 (inc tax) per person. Minimum 8 people up to a maximum of 16 people. 
    * A 50% deposit is required with estimate number of participants to hold your space. *Final KNOWN number of participants is required 5 days in advance (for prep time). Balance due at the end of session.

  • Payments can be made via e-transfer crystal@crystalbeshara.com. 
  • Sorry, there are no refunds on deposit for PRIVATE parties.


  • I will provide all of the supplies! 
  • We usually work in watercolours (on paper, brushes etc... (easiest clean up and non toxic) but  you can request pastel or pencil drawing or even print making. I can also do Acrylic on Canvas ( we'd work on mini easels, which I provide) *extra fee may be required for Acrylic classes.
  • DISTANCE: within 30 minutes of centretown. Each extra half hour of travel adds another $20


  • It runs max 2-2.5 hours
  • I need 30 min set up and 30min take down (I usually like to arrive a bit earlier just to be sure we start on time) but the lesson is always in and around 2 - 2.5 hours. 
  • Available for Weekends, Week Day Evenings and some Mondays and Fridays (daytime)


  • I CAN CHOOSE A SPACE in a social / Pub setting - I have a few that work with me. If you need help (all that is generally required is that you buy drinks / food to keep them happy)
  • I also have a home studio where I can accomodate up to 10 people - that way you can bring your own treats / drinks etc.... or
  • YOU CAN CHOOSE YOR SPACE: Book your favourite local venue or host your own paint party at home!


  • I need people to be seated at tables ( we don't use easels)
  • Quiet-ish space where I don't need to yell or wear a mic!
  • Generally, each person needs about 24" - 30" sq of table surface. 
  • This means we can usually squeeze 4 at a 6' long table (two pairs face to face)
  • Good lighting is essential (although I can provide lighting if needed)
  • I need access to water / washroom or kitchen facilities for clean up and water buckets for paint.


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